Completely manage all website properties and tech support. Redesigned website in March 2016 and continue to manage on a daily basis. All content management, blog article writing, online newsletters, lead generation and management, Adwords campaign management, SEO, social media marketing and more!



Monthly management of website with a focus on driving targeted traffic to website, Search engine optimization, online selling source research and pretty much anything that is needed.



Launched redesign of new website a couple months ago and continue to manage all aspects of all website properties for all products and services. Ongoing content updates, email marketing, SEO, tech support and more!



Stephen Montagna is an author of action/thriller novels about terrorism, counter-terrorism, threats to the world order and much more thrilling mysteries of that nature. Having completed more than 22 novels, I built this custom design website to feature all of his novels, tell his fans about him, post his book signing tour information, feature his book trailer videos, and much more. I custom built the website 5-years ago – no template, host his website, maintain and manage it, manage his online newsletter, manage the affiliate links through Amazon so that anyone who buys books via any of the book links on the website – he earns commission on that as well, and anything else he needs as it comes up. This website has an interesting aspect to it. As he is an published author, he has (of course) different book cover designs for each book. Well, we carried that over into the design concept in his website. While maintaining the exact navigation and structure, seamlessly, each published book section within the website’s header matched the book cover design therefore changing the color scheme to match within the corresponding section. It turned out to be very engaging, we were both quite pleased with the results! Additionally, I set up his office wireless network. Administer it, maintain it and am on call 24/7 for any network, hardware and/or software issues.

One of his latest published books, The Scorpion’s Daughter, is currently in negotiations for making it into a movie! Check out the video above to view the book trailer.




Lightning Fast Jewelry Repair has been a client for over 2-years now. I designed the website, host the website and manage the website on a monthly basis keeping the site updated with content changes and whatever else the client requires. Shopping cart coming soon. This is a WordPress site.




JetSpeed Sports is a new client and is still under construction. I designed the website using WordPress. It is an eCommerce site selling personal watercraft, scooters, gopeds and ATV’s parts and accessories. They have a local shop here in Tarpon Springs, FL where they not only sell all above mentioned items, parts and accessories, but also has a fantastic repair shop. The service is the best!

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