New i-traffik Office & Gadgetz Shop Progress Slow, but Rewarding

The new  Gadgetz  Shop and the   Smart Loft project have really come along way. Having faced many set backs as well as having to start over. Over and over and over…
As you can see in these pictures, we had our work cut out for us! I had such great intentions on documenting every aspect of the renovation, but quickly got lost in with all the other things I should be doing.
Better late than never, I will now post in order from time moved in. the middle of November last year. These are the very first pictures I took. Sorta creepy. I don’t know about all that purple?

ShopSoon to be Gadgetz

we accomplished a lot more than I thought possible in two weeks. Our focus was primarily on the downstairs renovation for Gadgetz. We were excited to finally be open for business. Soon we had our first coat of paint dry. Marvin went to town with the LED accent lighting for the shelves he built. He did a great job!

The following set of pictures shows Gadgetz with the completed shelves, LED accent lighting as well as quite a bit of product. That would be our first try before having to start over from scratch.

Gadgetz has taken on many forms and different looks as the project seems to have a mind and life of it’s own. We have come a long way, but still have so much work to do on the Smartloft project. It will be ever changing so I don’t see a clear ending in sight. That is just fine with me!

Gadgetz Shop is open, but I am not going to have official grand opening till later this summer. I am content for now, but anxiously await all of the exciting Smart Home Gadgetz that I have coming up. Never a dull moment!

That is all I have to report on the renovations. Apologies for not documenting and sharing more. I promise to make it up to everyone as we renovate the Loft and watch it blossom from a dumb shop to a Smart Loft. 😁


i-traffik was born in 1999 as a SEO firm. Back then, aside from link exchange, SEO was the ONLY way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Then CPC came along which as a hard core whitehat SEO guru, was not happy about. I believed it ruined the integrity of the Internet. To this day I never click on ads! As I continued to live in the world wide web I ensured I applied all my research and knowledge to my own web properties, Perfected each process. Throughout the years I have worked on hundreds of websites covering a vast amount of business types. As time went on and I mastered each new Internet marketing strategy and how they all fit together like a puzzle I became a top notch web developer. Because I was an SEO expert BEFORE I learned how to develop a website, I created meta tags, wrote every word or modified provided content. Basically I am optimizing web sites as I build them. As I am developing, I am thinking about everycomponent, how I can apply to the spcific page taking into consideration future call to C

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