FREE Coffee? Soft Opening Meet & Greet

Another busy day at the office… God bless! I have been so slammed between i-traffik workload, Gadgetz business and the neverending SmartLoft project, I have not had the time to meet any of the other 180+ businesses here at the American Business Center. Great place btw. Diane, the property manager runs a really tight ship. Thank you for continuing to do such a great job!
Starting tomorrow, and throughout the following week, I will be stopping by each business here in the American Business Center to introduce myself and learn more about your business as well as all other surrounding neighbors. I look forward to meeting you.
I will be announcing a FREE coffee day one day next week to celebrate the soft opening of the Gadgetz Shop & i-traffik headquarters. Come in anytime throughout the day for a FREE cup of coffee and get to know each other better.


i-traffik was born in 1999 as a SEO firm. Back then, aside from link exchange, SEO was the ONLY way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Then CPC came along which as a hard core whitehat SEO guru, was not happy about. I believed it ruined the integrity of the Internet. To this day I never click on ads! As I continued to live in the world wide web I ensured I applied all my research and knowledge to my own web properties, Perfected each process. Throughout the years I have worked on hundreds of websites covering a vast amount of business types. As time went on and I mastered each new Internet marketing strategy and how they all fit together like a puzzle I became a top notch web developer. Because I was an SEO expert BEFORE I learned how to develop a website, I created meta tags, wrote every word or modified provided content. Basically I am optimizing web sites as I build them. As I am developing, I am thinking about everycomponent, how I can apply to the spcific page taking into consideration future call to C

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